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Action needed on Rent Smart Wales

Mark Williams, Member of Parliament for Ceredigion, held a meeting with Ceredigion County Council, local letting agents and landlords yesterday, Tuesday 16th February, to discuss how the Rent Smart Wales scheme would be introduced and to raise the concerns of both landlords and agents from across the county.

The concerns raised were based around the licensing fees for the scheme, particularly those applied to agents. Many argued that these were incredibly high at nearly £5,000 for a 5-year license. Other charges and accreditation fees relating to agents were also discussed.

Mark Williams said “the time period between the legislation coming into force and it being put into practice has had both a confusing and negative impact on the way in which it has been received by both landlords and letting agents, and it was important that these issues were raised with the County Council.

“I am also concerned as to how the fees adopted by Rent Smart Wales were arrived at, particularly the disparity between the fees applied to letting agents and those applied to landlords. Furthermore, many landlords and agents were only made aware of the scheme at the end of last year and I believe that the County Council should be given additional funding and support in order to ensure this scheme is advertised effectively so that all of those concerned are aware of the implications both in terms of cost and licensing.”

Mark will be meeting with Rent Smart Wales next month. He will also be contacting the relevant authorities to raise concerns about training and look into the ongoing consultation on the licensing fees for letting agents as part of the scheme.

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