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Appalling leakages at Aberystwyth Station

Mark Williams, Member of Parliament for Ceredigion, has written to Network Rail following complaints at a meeting with constituents about the pooling of water on the approach to the station platform in Aberystwyth Railway Station.


Mark Williams said: “I gather from constituents and have seen from personal experience that the pooling of water at Aberystwyth Station has been a problem for some time, and is not just a recent problem caused by the wet weather.

“In the few minutes I was at the station this week I have seen the spectacle of people wading through large puddles when trying to access the station from the front rather than the side entrance. As the gate is open, it seems reasonable to believe that people are expected to also use this entrance to the station, and they should not have to deal with this problem.”

“Aberystwyth station infrastructure is the responsibility of Network Rail and I would expect them to take action immediately over this issue. At many of their mainline stations, we are warned of slippery conditions while it is being dealt with, and yet people in Aberystwyth are expected to regularly grapple with this problem without it being resolved.”

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