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Mark Williams supports Liberal Democrat Carers Package, which would benefit 1070 carers in Ceredigion

The carers package, annouced by Liberal Democrats today, will include giving the 1070 carers in Ceredigion an annual £250 ‘Carer’s Bonus’ for looking after loved ones who are older, disabled or seriously ill.

Approximately 1 in every 8 adults provide unpaid care for family and friends.

Under the Liberal Democrats these Carers will receive:

  • a £250 bonus to ease the cost of looking after family members who require support for 35 hours or more each week over a 12 month period;
  • an additional five days paid additional ‘care leave’ a year;
  • the ability to do more work without losing their Carers' Allowance, by extending the ‘earnings limit’ from £110 per week to £150 per week, putting more money back into their pockets.

The Carer's Package was lauched today by Nick Clegg in Brecon and Radnorshire.

Mark Williams commented:

“I know full well through my work over the past 10 years as Ceredigion's Member of Parliament that carers are the unsung heroes in our community, quietly going about helping their loved ones without seeking favour or thanks for their kindness.

“But more needs to be done to help Ceredigion's 1070 carers get the support they deserve, and this package of measures will go some way to doing just that, easing some of the pressures carers are under."

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