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Ceredigion most pro-Europe area in UK

Mark Williams, Member of Parliament for Ceredigion, has welcomed the latest research which shows that Ceredigion is the most positive area in the UK about our European membership.

The YouGov study of over 80,000 people mapped the UK by local education authority, showing how positive or negative each area was to the European Union.

Mark commented on these research results during the Welsh affairs backbench business debate in the House of Commons yesterday, 3rd March, saying:

“It came as no great surprise to me that Ceredigion was listed in The Sunday Times as the most pro-European Union constituency in Britain, according to YouGov.

“That has a huge amount to do with our excellent universities and the collaborative work they are doing with those on the continent. It has a huge amount to do with the fact that we have qualified for and used money from convergence funding over the last few years - that is for good reason, because there are significant pockets of deprivation in the constituency. It also has a lot to do with farmers, who are concerned about the blank sheet of paper being offered to them by the out campaigns and UKIP.

“I look forward to a massive yes vote in Ceredigion on 23 June, even if I still have some concerns about the date.”

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