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Concerns over proposed Post Office layout

Mark Williams, Member of Parliament for Ceredigion, has recently met with Post Office management to express concern over the inadequacies of the layout proposals for the relocated Aberystwyth Post Office to WHSmith on Terrace Road.

Mark said “I want to endorse the concerns expressed by Aberystwyth Town Council. There are legitimate concerns over access at its most basic to a Post Office which would be located at the back of the WHSmith store.

“Ensuring access for those with wheelchairs, prams, buggies and others could lead to serious congestion under the current layout proposals. Current users will be fully aware of just how busy the store can get, and the prospects of further queues in the store would be a recipe for chaos.

“We all know that there are times in the Post Office where a queue could be 15 person strong, yet the plans that I have seen only leave scope for a queue of 6, and has no space set aside for seating.

“I have also reiterated the calls made by Lib Dem Councillor Ceredig Davies that the full plans for the WHSmith layout should be available for real public scrutiny, not just handed out when asked ‘in a consultation meeting’, or solely presented to the MP or town council.

“Our cross party campaigning has displayed the extent of public concern over this issue, and Post Office management must ensure this is fully taken on board.”

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