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Cutting tax on tourism good for local business

Mark Williams, Member of Parliament for Ceredigion, has welcomed the positive and radical decision by the Liberal Democrats at their Autumn Conference in Bournemouth to support a cut in VAT on tourism.

Tourism accounts for 10 per cent of the UK economy, employing three million people, with many of those employed in the industry being young people. Many other European countries have reduced taxes on the tourism industry, which puts many areas of the UK, including Ceredigion, at a significant disadvantage.

The motion, which was proposed by the Ceredigion Liberal Democrats, if adopted nationally, would create 123,000 jobs and £4 billion of extra revenue from an increase in tourism over 10 years.

Mark Williams said “I am delighted that the membership of the party have agreed to this motion, which was strongly supported by the Welsh Liberal Democrats. It shows the seriousness in which the party takes the issue of improving our tourism industry, and the importance of this to areas of the UK outside of the big cities.

“Not only will a cut in tax be of help to local hotels, B&Bs and tourist attractions, but it will also help raise extra money for the Exchequer over the long-term. This is something which many European countries have already recognised, and something the Liberal Democrats will now be campaigning strongly on to see implemented.”

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