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‘Devolution is one of the major success stories of the last 5 years’- Mark Williams MP

Devolution to Wales has been one the major success stories over the last five years, Mark Williams MP for Ceredigion, will argue in a speech for the Wales Governance Centre.

In a wide-ranging speech, Mark Williams said:

“Devolution is moving forward - but that is due to the Coalition. 

“The role of Kirsty Williams as Leader, and Jenny Randerson as Wales Office Minister - and Jenny has a unique understanding of devolution having had a foot in each camp - should not be understated.

“Of all the constitutional commitments made in the Coalition Agreement, and quite frankly the many disappointing constitutional let downs of the past five years, devolution to Wales has been one of the success stories, with all three commitments made in the Coalition agreement delivered.”

Speaking of his experience of being the Welsh Liberal Democrat representative on the cross-party talks leading up to St David’s Day, Mark will say:

“I did feel it strange that Westminster politicians were determining the remit of our National Assembly.  I like to think that guttural instinct comes from a real devolutionist, an ideological devolutionist as well as a practical one. 

“The Secretary of State throughout the process talked to Assembly leaders, but we only the met, the 8 of us, on two occasions.  In those two meetings, two parties were speaking with two separate voices.  Competing mandates, the last vestiges of anti-devolutionary sentiments, I don’t know which… but with their respective representatives or leaders at either end of the M4 they were not likely to agree on everything.”

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