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Mark Williams disappointed over Parking Eye’s ‘unacceptable’ attitude towards the Welsh language

Ceredigion's Welsh Liberal Democrat MP Mark Williams has expressed his disappointment that Parking Eye, the company responsible for enforcing parking restrictions at the Rheidol Retail Park in Aberystwyth, has refused to accept any appeals to parking fines in Welsh, which he stated is ‘unacceptable’.

Parking Eye, based in Chorley includes the phrase on their Parking Charge Notices, “Parking eye will only accept and respond to appeals in English.”

Commenting Mark Williams said, ‘I was shocked to see this statement on one of Parking Eye’s enforcement notices.  Parking Eye operates in car parks across the UK, but this incident took place in Aberystwyth, where the majority are Welsh speakers.  Residents should be allowed to appeal in the language of their choice, and if Parking Eye want to operate in Ceredigion they need to have provision to be able to operate in the Welsh language.’

The notice itself was also only issued in English.  Commenting on this Mark Williams said; ‘There is a case to be made for all of the Parking Charge notices issues by Parking Eye to be made bilingually to all addresses in Wales, but I am in no doubt that an appeal should be able to be logged in English or Welsh. 

‘I have contacted the Welsh Language Commissioner about this issue, and await her guidance with interest.’


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