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Mark Williams MP's Aspirations for 2015 - New Year Message

Ceredigion's Welsh Liberal Democrat MP Mark Williams has called for 6 goals to be realised in 2015, in his New Year message to Liberal Democrat supporters across his constituency. 

Mark Williams said:

'I wish everyone a healthy and happy New Year.

'At this time of reflection, here are my aspirations which I hope we see realised over the coming year.

'1. That the Tories respond to the will of the House of Commons and allow the Affordable Homes Bill, introduced by Lib Dem MP Andrew George and co-sponsored by myself, the means to proceed through Parliament and become law before the election. In doing so this will remove the worst excesses of the Bedroom Tax. If this Tory opposition is removed the Affordable Home Bill can become law.

'2. That the campaign for a renewed rail link between Aberystwyth and Carmarthen continues to gather pace.

'3. That the aspirations of the Longley Report on Bronglais Hospital do become a reality and our excellent hospital becomes a rightful focal point for care across Mid Wales.

'4. That the new set of global Millenium Development Goals not just continue to get more children into education, but work specifically to achieve specific targets for gender and disability.

'5. That the Government adopts Welsh Liberal Democrat Policy and reduces the rate of VAT on tourism attractio​ns and accomodation, boosting this crucial sector.

'6. That the cross party consensus on devolution which was achieved so effectively in 2014, continues to be advanced so we can keep working to achieve Home Rule for Wales within a Federal Britain.'

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