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Mark Williams supports Earth Hour

Ceredigion’s Welsh Liberal Democrat MP Mark Williams is supporting this year’s Earth Hour by making a special pledge by backing protection of the world’s forests.  

Mark Williams was one of many politicians joining WWF-UK at a reception in Parliament to show their support for a responsible trade in sustainably-sourced forest products and to support WWF’s Earth Hour, which takes place on Saturday 28th March at 8:30pm.

 The reception was also attended by Councillor Alun Williams of Ceredigion County Council to mark Ceredigion's role in the WWF campaign to combat illegal logging.

Earth Hour is WWF’s annual global grassroots movement where millions of people around the world come together to switch off their lights for one hour in a symbolic act of support to show they care about our brilliant planet. To find out more and register to take part please go to: wwf.org.uk/earthhour and join millions of people who are signing up to the big switch off.


WWF-UK’s forest campaign highlights the issue of illegally sourced timber and unsustainable forest management, and aims to make responsible forest trade the norm. WWF-UK is challenging business and the government to commit to responsible trade in wood and paper to help end deforestation around the world. Deforestation is having a devastating effect on the world’s last remaining natural forests, for example, in Indonesia, Central Africa and Far East Russia. The world has lost nearly half its forests, and only a tenth of what remains is protected. And global demand for wood for timber, paper and fuel is set to triple by 2050. For more information on WWF’s Forest Campaign visit wwf.org.uk/saveforests.

Commenting, Mark Williams MP said:

“Our planet is under pressure and we are facing huge environmental challenges including illegal logging and unsustainable management of forests.  Earth Hour is a chance for everyone to do show this matters and help make a difference.  It is genuinely inspiring that millions of people across the globe will come together on Saturday 28th March at 8.30pm to celebrate Earth Hour and take positive action to protect our natural world.  It was also great to hear of the good work that is being done locally in Ceredigion, and that our Local Authority has been recognised by WWF.”

Shareen Brown, head of WWF-UK’s Earth Hour, said:

“Our natural resources are running out.  We are already living beyond the limits of one planet, but by making small changes our daily lives can become more sustainable. Politicians play a vital part in helping to tackle the major conservation issues such as deforestation, so it’s great to have their support for Earth Hour.  It’s a timely reminder that we all need to be doing more to protect some of our planet’s most precious wildlife and places.”

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