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Mark Williams supports Homes for Britain campaign

Ceredigion’s Welsh Liberal Democrat MP Mark Williams has met with local housing associations at an event in Parliament this week to support the Home for Britain campaign. 

The event organised by the Community Housing Cymru Group, bought together a number of housing associations from across Wales, of which there are more than 70, in order to speak with Welsh MPs about the Home for Britain campaign. 

Housing associations in Wales provide over 158,000 homes and housing services to people across wales, and built 1,850 new homes in Wales last year.

The group believe that 14,200 new homes need to be built in Wales every year to meet current demand.  They want the next Government in Westminster after the election to ensure three things; that Wales receives fair funding; that Welsh tenants are given the same choice as tenants in Scotland and Northern Ireland under Universal Credit to have their rent paid directly to their landlord or not; and lastly that the next Government repeals the spare room subsidy.

Commenting Mark Williams said; 

“With the average house price in Wales costing £170k, and the average salary in Wales at £24k, people need seven times their earnings to get on the property ladder, and for many people this is just impossible.  I fully support the aims of the Homes for Britain campaign, particularly after talking with local representatives from Mid-Wales Housing and Tai Ceredigion who attended the event, and if re-elected in May will work with whoever is in Government to ensure these are enacted.”

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