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Mark calls on First Minister to locate Welsh Revenue Authority in Aberystwyth

Mark Williams, Member of Parliament for Ceredigion, has called on the First Minister to give consideration to the location of the new tax collection authority, known as the Welsh Revenue Authority, to Aberystwyth.

Mark Williams said “The Welsh Assembly has new powers relating to the setting and collection of Landfill Tax and a replacement for Stamp Duty, to be known as the Welsh Land Transaction Tax.

“Aberystwyth has had a long history of assisting in the process of tax collection, but lamentably our HMRC office was shut down and most recently the tax advice centre. Important jobs have been lost over the years and this is an opportunity for us to recoup them in Aberystwyth, already a centre for important Welsh Government administrative functions.

“Mid-Wales has often felt short changed by cuts to public service jobs and the mantra of government has already been that the benefits of devolution should be shared throughout Wales. This is an ideal opportunity to redress the balance.

“I shall be writing to the First Minister, encouraging him to look favourably on Aberystwyth.”

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