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Mark calls on Government to support community oil syndicates

Mark Williams, Member of Parliament for Ceredigion, secured a debate in the House of Commons on Monday 7th December to raise the important role of domestic oil syndicates for communities which rely on off-grid fuel to heat their homes, and to call for the Government to provide support to those who wish to set up a local club.

Speaking during the debate, Mark raised the importance of bulk buying oil syndicates to help save money for households in the UK that are paying over the odds for fuel due to not being connected to the mains gas network.

With 69% of households in Ceredigion being off-grid, there is serious concern over the impact of the high cost of off-grid fuel on levels of fuel poverty.

Mark also praised the work of the Clwb Clyd/Club Cosy project that has over 18 months helped increase the number of club co-ordinators, improve coverage in the County so that everyone is able to join a club, doubled the number of members, and improved co-ordination to allow clubs to maximise and co-ordinate their purchasing power.

Mark said “I was grateful for the opportunity to raise this important issue with the Minister on the floor of the House on Monday.

“Oil syndicates are an absolutely fantastic way for communities to come together and to decrease the cost of heating their homes. In many cases, we have seen bills drop by around 10% simply by purchasing fuel as a group.

“I must also congratulate those involved in Clwb Clyd, who have done a fantastic job in improving the provision of fuel clubs throughout the County, and for their fantastic toolkit providing details on how to set one up and helping with best practice. I hope this will be helpful both in and out of the County.

“I was thankful for the positive words from the Minister recognising the importance of projects like Clwb Clyd, as well as fuel syndicates more generally, however, I hope that the Government will back these words up by making funding accessible to those who want to set a club up.”

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