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Mark congratulates Robin Rea and Cardiff Lib Dems on stunning by-election victory

Mark Williams, Member of Parliament for Ceredigion and Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, has congratulated newly elected Cardiff councillor Robin Rea and the Cardiff Liberal Democrats on their stunning by-election victory in the Plasnewydd by-election that took place on Tuesday 20th September.

Commenting on the victory, Mark said:

“Robin and the Cardiff team have been working hard to hold the Labour-run Council to account and protect important local services. Their victory, winning almost 50% of the vote, is vindication of all that hard work, and a sign that people in Cardiff will not allow the Labour administration to continue to close vital services and ignore our communities.

“The Liberal Democrats are the only party capable of standing up for local communities against a Labour-run Council that has an unbroken record of failure, and I look forward to seeing Robin and our team of councillors continue to stand up for the people of Cardiff from within, as well as outside, the council chamber.”

“At our autumn conference this week I was often asked by those in the media what evidence I had of the Lib Dem revival. This is precisely the evidence I would cite.”

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