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Mark holds debate in Parliament on future of S4C

Mark Williams, Member of Parliament for Ceredigion and Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, has held a debate in Parliament today, Wednesday 18th January, on the future funding of S4C and to clarify details of the review into its remit.

The debate was attended by a cross-party group of MPs and called for further details over the future funding of the Welsh-language TV channel and details of the remit of the review to take place this year.

Mark said “S4C, as the world’s only Welsh-language TV channel, is crucially important to our country, our culture, and our language. Over the past few years, S4C has become known for a number of high quality Welsh-language series that have spread beyond just Welsh-speakers.

“Yet over the past several years we have seen S4C’s funding cut to the bone, making it increasingly difficult to continue to meet the changing demands of its audience and allowing it to provide innovative and high-quality content.

“I welcome the Government announced review into its remit and funding, and it is absolutely vital that this recognises the importance of the TV channel and its funding to ensure that it is able to continue to provide innovative Welsh-language content for the long-term.

“However, we are still waiting for details on this review. It has been almost a year since the review was announced, and it is about time that the Government gave us the assurances that so many Welsh people and the Welsh creative industries are calling for.”

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