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Mark joins ‘education for all’ delegation to Kenya

Mark Williams, Member of Parliament for Ceredigion and Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Global Education for All, has returned from a five day fact finding visit to Kenya to explore how the country is addressing major educational challenges.


The trip looked at UK Government funded projects specifically focused on educational provision for disabled children and was funded by the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association.

Mark Williams said: “I was delighted to see first-hand where and how money is being spent, whether in the slum areas of Imara Daima, Nairobi, or further afield in Kisumu, on a range of projects focusing on inclusion.

“Two million Kenyan children do not attend school, and a disproportionate number of these are disabled.

“I am proud that the British Government is committed to spend 0.7 per cent of GDP on overseas aid, and thanks to the Liberal Democrats, this is now enshrined in law. But it is important to have the reassurance that aid monies are being spent where they are needed.

“Whether it be the class for the deaf children in Baba Dogo School and the range of projects in Nairobi, or the young children I met, diagnosed with cerebral palsy and autism, I am really pleased to see British aid making the difference.

“As a former teacher myself, it was good to meet so many teachers as well as Kenyan Parliamentarians, particularly at an event at the British High Commission where I was a guest speaker.

“The British Government rightly directs much of its funding to charities on the ground to ensure that money goes to help those most in need of our aid.”

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