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Mark joins local FUW for Farmhouse Breakfast Week

Ceredigion Member of Parliament, Mark Williams, has joined the FUW’s Ceredigion branch for a locally produced breakfast, today, Friday 27th January, as part of their ‘Farming Breakfast Week’ to discuss the important role of the food and drink sector.

The Farmers’ Union of Wales campaign, which has seen breakfast events held across Wales this week, has given politicians, farmers and the general public the opportunity to discuss their thoughts and worries about the state of the industry, and the importance of its role for our rural communities.

Mark visited the event that was held at the La Calabria restaurant based in Ffostrasol, Llandysul.

Commenting after the event, Mark said:

“I was very glad to be able to meet and speak with so many people today at the FUW’s breakfast event about the importance of the food and drink sector to our rural economy and communities.

“The food and drink sector is an extremely important one for Ceredigion and for Wales more widely. Agriculture alone provides around 58,000 jobs across Wales, with around 13% of people in Ceredigion being employed on the land. The sector as a whole is also the countries fourth largest exporter, with over 72% of exports going to the European market. Agriculture therefore has a huge knock-on effect to the rest of the rural economy.

“At a time of great uncertainty, the voice of our farmers, our food and drink sector, and our rural communities, needs to be heard more than ever. It is the success of our farms that makes our rural communities such wonderful places to live, and it is important that politicians of all parties listen to their concerns over issues such as the need for assurance over farming subsidies in the future and our continued access to trade with the European Single Market.”

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