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Mark joins with local residents to protect Ffair Rhos phone box

Mark Williams, Member of Parliament for Ceredigion, has joined forces with local residents concerned about the potential loss of the Ffair Rhos phone box after a consultation into its removal was announced by BT.

Endorsing the calls of residents, Mark said “This phone box provides an important communication option to an isolated part of the countryside. BT will undoubtedly argue that it has arisen due to a lack of use, however, it is still relied on by a number of people in the community, including the owner of the land it is on.

“Many local people feel that in an area which suffers from very patchy mobile signal the phone box can be a ‘life safer’ both to them as well as many passing motorists.

“BT has enjoyed the benefits of this phone box without paying any ground rent to the owner of the land for either the phone box or the telegraph pole in the entire time it has been there.

“I hope that BT will respond to the strength of feeling from residents and recognise this as unique case by keeping the Ffair Rhos phone box.”

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