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Mark Williams MP lends support to mental health in Ceredigion

Ceredigion’s Welsh Liberal Democrat MP Mark Williams has attended an event in Parliament this week organised by the mental health charity Mind Cymru, calling for better mental health services in Wales.

Mark Williams met with local campaigners and representatives from Mind from across Wales, including from Pembrokeshire and Caerphillly Mind, to hear the experiences of people living with mental health problems in Wales.

Commenting Mark Williams said:

“Every year, mental health problems will affect one in four people in my constituency, which is more people than will develop heart disease or cancer.  I know full well how much my local Mind charity branches and other local charities do for people in Ceredigion who are experiencing mental health difficulties. 

“With pressure on health and social care budgets, we must do all we can to ensure mental health services are supported.  During the election campaign, the Lib Dems said mental health needed to receive £3.5bn more during this parliament to ensure that patients would have equal rights of access to mental health services as physical health care.  This is of course a devolved issue, and so is rightly the responsibility of the Assembly Government, but I will do all I can to ensure that mental health services are championed and provision is given to the many people who will experience mental health issues at some point in their lives.”

Louise Rubin, Parliamentary Manager at Mind, said:

“Supporting constituents with mental health problems is one of the biggest challenges an MP faces today, so we were really delighted to see Mark Williams at our event this week.

“All parties have committed to valuing mental and physical health equally and we’ve now reached a critical stage in determining the future of mental health and wellbeing in our country. Much of the power to make a difference now sits with local decisions makers so MPs play a vital role in securing good quality support for people in their constituency, as well as promoting mental health at a national level.”

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