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Mark praises Nest partnership in tackling local fuel poverty

Mark Williams, Member of Parliament for Ceredigion, has praised the partnership between Nest, the Welsh Government scheme to tackle the issue of fuel poverty, and Ceredigion County Council, to help those suffering from fuel poverty in the County.

Someone is considered to be in fuel poverty if, to heat their home, they need to spend more than 10 per cent of their household income on fuel. Around a quarter of Welsh households are considered to be suffering from fuel poverty.

Mark spoke during the Ceredigion County Council/Nest event that was held on Tuesday 10th January to promote awareness of fuel poverty and the options available to help those in need.

Mark Williams said “Fuel poverty is a serious issue affecting huge numbers of people throughout Wales. However, rural areas like Ceredigion are often some of the hardest hit.

“In rural areas like ours, with many small communities, and in many cases so remote, fuel prices can be far higher. This makes heating our homes far more expensive, and pushing many people into fuel poverty.

“Government schemes like Nest are vitally important in tackling this problem, and it is only through partnerships with those who know the local areas and communities that fuel poverty can be effectively tackled and the people who need the help most made aware of the help available to them.”

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