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Mark praises response of local community to refugee crisis

Mark Williams, Member of Parliament for Ceredigion, has praised the fantastic response to the refugee crisis by people throughout Ceredigion.

There has been a strong response from people throughout Ceredigion, with many people contacting Mark about the issue and a large number of individuals and groups raising awareness and organising collections to help the refugees.

One such group, Aberaid, held an event on Saturday, 12th September, on Aberystwyth North Beach, to show solidarity with the refugees.

Mark said: “No one will fail to be moved by the harrowing scenes across Europe as people fearful for their lives seek refuge. The kind hearted people of Ceredigion have clearly displayed their willingness to be involved, certainly as judged by my postbag and email box, in the last couple of weeks. We await the Home Secretary’s announcement, which can’t come quickly enough, and the case being made by the Welsh Local Government Association with which the County Council is associated.

“There needs to be a collaborative approach across all local authorities in Wales. What I am clear about is the inadequacy of the Prime Minister’s response to this tragic humanitarian situation. We need to reflect back to those instances in the past, the Vietnamese boat people, the Asian community expelled by Idi Amin, and act in a similarly positive way. We of course need to continue to assist and support those in the camps in Syria as the Prime Minister has said, but the immediate crisis is in Europe, on the roads and rails across the continent, and those people need our help now.”

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