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Mark questions Wales Secretary over dairy crisis

Mark Williams, Member of Parliament for Ceredigion, has questioned the Secretary of State for Wales, Stephen Crabb MP, over the ongoing dairy crisis during the Welsh Affairs Select Committee on Monday.


The past year has been especially difficult for many dairy farmers in Wales and throughout the UK, with dairy prices plummeting and farming confidence at an all-time low.

Mark welcomed HMRC’s decision to extend their ‘Time to Pay’ agreement to the dairy sector, which allows farms to pay their tax liabilities over an extended period of time, helping farmers to manage through the ongoing dairy price instability.

However, Mark believes that more action needs to be taken by the Government, and asked the Secretary of State during the session “what more can our dairy industry expect from Government and particularly perhaps in the wake of the arrangement that was brokered with the EU Commission last week, €500 million across Europe? What can the Assembly Government expect to be able to do with that money to alleviate what is an incredibly difficult situation?”

He also questioned whether the €500 million that the European Commission has agreed as an intervention price to help farmers was high enough, considering the scale of the issue.

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