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Mark raises Brexit farming concerns at party conference

Ceredigion MP Mark Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats and Lib Dem Defra spokesperson in the House of Commons, speaking at event hosted by the National Farmers Union and the Food & Drink Federation at the Liberal Democrat autumn conference, has raised concern about the potential impact of Brexit on rural communities.


Mark said “while the Government have made clear that the current subsidy regime will continue until 2020, they must act speedily in drawing up their route map.

“Farms are businesses and like any business they need to invest and plan for the future. The 2020 date the Government have provided hardly provides an opportunity for lengthy planning.

“The economic fabric of rural Wales is intrinsically linked to our farms and their economic wellbeing must be at the forefront of the minds of the Government Ministers responsible for our Brexit negotiations.

“The threat to a family farm can have a much wider impact on rural infrastructure, whether that be village schools, village shops, post offices, or rural bus routes. Rural areas cannot be ignored and will be an increasingly important part of our countries’ future post-Brexit. It is vital that the Government recognise this and provide the assurance that our rural communities desperately need.”

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