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Mark raises Brexit funding concerns for farmers in Parliament

Mark Williams, Member of Parliament for Ceredigion, has today raised the concerns of farmers during a debate in Parliament about future funding after the UK leaves the EU.

Mark said “Farming is a crucial part of Wales’ economy, directly employing 58,000 people and outputting around £1.5bn of produce. With 80% of Wales’ land area being farmed, it also contributes substantially to the landscape and is a vital element in our tourism industry.

“While the Government have stated that current levels of funding will be assured until 2020, this leaves serious questions for funding after this point. The confidence for farmers to invest in the long-run is key, and uncertainty can make life very difficult for small family farms, and uncertainty is certainty rife at the moment.

“Without a long-term commitment from the Government over farm funding and a recognition of the sectors importance to Wales, it will not only be the farms that disappear, but the local schools, shops, post offices, bus routes and much more, devastating local communities and the rural economy.”

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