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Mark raises failure of mobile infrastructure in Commons

Mark Williams, Member of Parliament for Ceredigion, has raised the failure of the Government’s Mobile Infrastructure Project in the House of Commons during a Welsh Affairs debate on Thursday, 3rd March.

Mark pointed out that the Government’s flagship Mobile Infrastructure Project, which runs until the end of this month, had failed to deliver on promises to improve mobile infrastructure in rural areas where infrastructure would not be deemed commercially viable by the major Mobile Network Operators.

Mark said “Despite the grand predictions that were made about the benefits rural communities would receive from the Mobile Infrastructure Project, we have not seen many of these benefits in Ceredigion. In our County, out of the 24 sites identified for new masts to alleviate the problem of mobile ‘not spots’, only 3 will be achieved by the end of the project.

“Nationwide across the UK, 600 masts were identified for development, yet only 50 will have been built. There is no doubt that this has been an absolute failure, and rural areas like ours will continue to suffer from a lack of basic infrastructure.

“Ceredigion, with its vibrant, innovative, creative and entrepreneurial spirit, is being held back by the failure to provide adequate infrastructure to help small businesses and our economy grow.

“Both the UK and Welsh Government’s must provide the additional resources that rural areas such as ours need to ensure that we are not left behind.”

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