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Mark slams Government for damaging cuts to renewables

Mark Williams, Member of Parliament for Ceredigion, has called on the Government to reverse damaging cuts to small-scale renewable energy.

Government cuts to the ‘Feed-In Tariff’, the payment made to homes or businesses who generate their own electricity through small-scale renewables, will have a substantial impact on many small businesses and family farms in rural communities.

Mark said “The Feed-In Tariff is extremely important to many farms and small businesses in Ceredigion. It has allowed them to diversify their income at an especially difficult time, helping them to save money by producing their own electricity and feeding any excess that they do not use back into the National Grid.

“Many small family farms have begun to use small-scale renewables to help save money, and these cuts will not only make life more difficult for many families who were considering investing in small-scale renewables, but cause severe financial difficulty for those who have already investing substantial sums to connect themselves to the National Grid.

“This decision has shown how out of touch the Conservatives are with rural communities and small businesses, and I strongly urge the Government to reverse these damaging cuts.”

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