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Mark Slams Government over Cuts to Tax Credits for Working Families

Mark Williams, Member of Parliament for Ceredigion, has slammed the Conservative plans to cut tax credits, which will hit lower income working families hard.

Conservative plans to cut tax credits – which act as a subsidy to those in low paid work – will mean the amount that people can earn before they start to lose their tax credits will drop from £6,420 to £3,850.

Mark said “For many people in low wage employment, receiving tax credits means they are able to avoid the difficult decision of whether to either turn on their heating or put food on their table. This is especially difficult for many people in Ceredigion, where wages can often be low and heating expensive.

“While the commitment in the budget to an increase in the minimum wage is welcome, for many poorer workers any benefits from this will be wiped out by these tax credit cuts. This policy is a short-sighted attempt to cut the welfare budget and will have a huge impact on people’s incentive to work in these jobs.”

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