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Mark supports Police Widows in campaign to keep pensions

Mark Williams, Member of Parliament for Ceredigion, has met with local campaigner Debra Poole and other police widows in Parliament this week as part of the Police Widows’ Pension Campaign.

Until 2006 the law meant that those who lost their partners in the line of duty and remarried or moved in with their new partner would lose their pension. This meant many having to choose between their future happiness and receiving their pension.

Changes in the Police Pension Regulations in 2006 meant new entrants into the pension scheme, and serving officers who chose to transfer to the new scheme, would ensure survivors’ benefits were payable for life, even if they remarried or moved in with a new partner.

However, those who were affected between the 1987 Regulations and the 2006 Regulations have been told that they will not be able to remarry or cohabit with a partner and continue to keep their pension.

Mark said “I was glad to be able to meet with one of my constituents, Debra Poole of Sarnau, and discuss this matter during the Police Widows’ Pension Campaign Parliamentary lobby.

“The situation that these widows have been put in is unjustifiable. Simply by virtue of their partner dying in the line of duty before the new regulations were in place means they have been told that they must choose between future happiness and keeping their widows’ pension.

“Though it is greatly welcome that the regulations have been changed so new and serving officers will not have to worry about their partners should the worst happen, this is little consolation for the widows of those officers who paid the ultimate price before the new regulations were in place.

“I urge the Government to reconsider their position and act to rectify this injustice.”

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