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Mark supports women hit by pension changes

Mark Williams, Member of Parliament for Ceredigion, has voted to support women affected by the equalisation of the state pension age during an opposition day debate last Thursday, 7th January, and has called on the Government to ensure that these women do not lose out.

Under plans to equalise the state pension age, many women who were born in the 1950’s have been disproportionately hit by changes to their retirement age with very little notice from the Government.

Mark said: “There are a large number of women in Ceredigion who have had their retirement plans shattered by these changes to the state pension age, with very little, and poor, communication from the Government. This has given them little time to prepare and many have had to find new jobs to cover them until they are eligible for their state pension.

“Despite the motion on Thursday being passed by 159 votes to 0, the Government continues to refuse to recognise the impact that these changes are having on huge numbers of women.

“Proper transitional arrangements would have helped soften some of the most disproportionate effects of the change in equalisation of the state pension age, and I have written to the Minister to urge the Government to look again at this to ensure that these women do not lose out.”

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