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Mark urges Parkinson’s patients to talk with their community pharmacy team

Mark Williams, Member of Parliament for Ceredigion, has urged Parkinson’s patients to talk with their community pharmacy team about their medication as part of a national public health campaign to ensure that the 8,000 Parkinson’s sufferers in Wales are taking their medication on time.


Mark visited Borth community pharmacy where he spoke with owner Gary Jones, as well as Hefin Jones and Barbara Standing of Parkinson’s UK Aberystwyth branch, about the help and support that can be provided to Parkinson’s sufferers through their community pharmacy.

With the complexity of the treatment for Parkinson’s, Mark urges anyone who has any concerns about their medication to speak with their community pharmacy, saying:

“Community pharmacies are an excellent and vital resource in rural areas such as ours, and are there to work with patients to manage long-term conditions such as Parkinson’s or to look after their health to prevent illness.

“We must ensure that all patients are aware that their community pharmacist is there to provide confidential advice to help them with their condition. It is vital that anyone who is concerned that they may not be taking their medication on time, every time, speaks to their pharmacist to get the best advice.”

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