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Mark welcomes deferment of Lloyd George Museum closure

Mark Williams, Member of Parliament for Ceredigion and Deputy Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, has welcomed the news that Gwynedd Council have deferred the decision over whether to close the Lloyd George Museum until 2017, but he is calling for action to ensure its long-term survival.

The Plaid Cymru Gwynedd Council had announced that it planned to withdraw Council funding from the Lloyd George Museum as part of its 2016/17 budget, effectively ensuring its closure. However, this has now been deferred until 2017.

The Welsh Liberal Democrats are launching a campaign to ensure the survival of the Lloyd George Museum and tabled a Statement of Opinion in the Welsh Assembly calling for the Welsh Government to “make the museum part of the National Museum of Wales, in order to safeguard the memory of our great Welsh Prime Minister, whose leadership helped save Great Britain from defeat in the Great War”.

Commenting on the decision, Mark said “I am extremely glad that Gwynedd Council have deferred the decision on whether to close the Lloyd George Museum. David Lloyd George not only led Great Britain through the First World War, but he was the first, and so far only, Welsh speaking British Prime Minister.

“The Lloyd George Museum has been a great tourist attraction and has helped educate people from all over the UK on the massive contribution that Lloyd George has made to Welsh and British politics. He is a Welsh political giant, and we should continue to remember and celebrate his life. It would be a tragedy if the museum were lost.

“Along with my Welsh Liberal Democrat colleagues, I am calling for the Welsh Government to safeguard the future of the museum to ensure that Lloyd George’s contributions to Welsh and British politics is recognised for generations to come.”

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