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Mark Williams statement on Chilcot Inquiry

Mark Williams, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, has responded to the release of the Chilcot Report, today, Wednesday 6 July.

“I welcome the publication of the Chilcot Report. After 7 years of waiting, and 13 years since the invasion of Iraq, we have finally been given confirmation of what the Liberal Democrats have said all along, that there was no legal or strategic case for the invasion of Iraq.

“The decision by Tony Blair to join in with the US invasion was heavily criticised by my party and former leader, the late Charles Kennedy, who led our opposition to the war.

“The report has shown that the invasion, and the involvement of the UK, has directly contributed to instability in the Middle East and the threats the world now faces from groups such as Daesh.

“Though the release of the report will not bring back those brave Welsh and British servicemen and women who lost their lives serving their country during the invasion, I hope that it will at least bring some comfort to their families.

“I can only hope that lessons are learnt from the report, and that such a tragic decision, made with faulty intelligence and with no post-conflict planning, can never happen again.” 

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