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Queen’s Speech provides many areas of concern

Ceredigion’s Welsh Liberal Democrat MP, Mark Williams, has expressed his concerns about the Queens Speech this week, which has set out the new Tory’s Governments legislative plans for the year ahead.

It featured numerous illiberal policies that the Liberal Democrats had previously blocked in Government, including: the Snooper’s Charter, moves to scrap the Human Rights Act and plans to undermine workers’ basic rights.

Following the announcement of further powers for Wales, Mark Williams MP also called for the UK Government not to ‘dither’ over these powers.

Mark Williams, Welsh Liberal Democrat MP for Ceredigion, said:

"This Queen's Speech unveiled a worrying legislative agenda for the year ahead, devoid of fairness and intent on curbing our freedoms.

"The human rights we hold dear, our right to privacy in an online age and our future as an outward-looking country are all hanging in the balance again."

Speaking on proposals for a new Wales Bill, Mark said:

"A new Wales Bill is a positive step for devolution in Wales, but it’s disappointing that few details were revealed.  The Tories must deliver in full on the St David’s Day agreement – no ifs, no buts.

"I urge the Government not to dither on the new Wales Bill.  George Osborne promised it would be delivered within a hundred days and already that appears to be a broken promise.  The Liberal Democrats ensured devolution moved faster than it had done in any time over the previous decade – the new UK Tory Government can’t allow that momentum to be lost."

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