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We must not abandon our hard-won human rights

Ceredigion’s Welsh Liberal Democrat MP Mark Williams and Ceredigion’s Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly Candidate Elizabeth Evans has urged the people of Ceredigion to back a Liberal Democrat campaign to save the Human Rights Act.

So far more than 25,000 people have signed a petition calling on the Conservatives to scrap plans to abandon our commitment to human rights.

It comes as David Cameron included proposals in the Queen’s Speech to untie British law the European Convention on Human Rights.

Now Mark Williams has urged local residents to speak up for legislation that has:

• Stopped the state spying on us, supported peaceful protest and protected soldiers.

• Helped rape victims, defended domestic violence victims and guarded against slavery.

• Supported those in care, shielded press freedom and provided answers for grieving families.

• Preserved our right to a fair trial, prevented indiscriminate stop-and-search and protected minorities.

Commenting Mark Williams said:

“Our human rights laws have already achieved so much and we must not let the current Government damage them.

“Any attempt to withdraw the UK from the Human Rights Act without the express permission of the devolved nations would cause serious political and constitutional problems, and would undermine our Welsh devolution settlement.

“The dual system of human rights that we have in the UK means that if the Westminster Government scraps the Human Rights Act, the ECHR would still be incorporated into our Welsh domestic law and we would still be bound to ensure Welsh legislation complies with Convention Rights. This means that scrapping the Act would make our system more complex, with one set of human rights laws applying to devolved issues and another to non-devolved issues.

“I am very pleased that the motion put forward by my Welsh liberal Democrat colleagues in the Assembly was supported, and I hope this will help to put pressure on the Conservative government to rethink this misguided and dangerous policy.”

Ceredigion’s Assembly Candidate Elizabeth Evans, added:

“By drawing up plans to scrap the Human Rights Act and laying the groundwork to pull out of the European Convention on Human Rights – the Tories are revealing their true colours.

“These are fundamental rights we all have and they define how we treat our citizens and offer our citizens protection from the state.

“The Liberal Democrats blocked David Cameron from scrapping the Human Rights Act in the Coalition Government and we must stop him again now.  That is why we need everyone to get behind our campaign to stop the Conservatives damaging over our hard-won rights.”

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