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Williams questions Secretary of State for Wales over the extent of Wales’ underfunding

Ceredigion’s Welsh Liberal Democrat MP Mark Williams has asked the Secretary of State for Wales whether he will update research undertaken by Professor Holtham as part of the Holtham Commission, on funding and finance for Wales, to ensure Wales gets its fair share of Government funding.

Commenting following the questions in Parliament, Mark Williams said;

‘The fact that Wales is underfunded is not in doubt, and I believe this research to get the exact details is needed for Wales to move forward. 

‘The Secretary of State responded in the Chamber by saying he felt this was unnecessary, and that it is important to get on with introducing the funding floor.  If that is the case then we also need details of the funding floor with some urgency.  We have been waiting too long for the floor, and the details are too vague.  But I still feel we need to know that extent of Wales’ shortfall, so that we can act accordingly.’

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